*Please note that due to the Coronavirus Pandemic I am conducting ALL treatment remotely via video/telephone*

When you arrive at the clinic you will be welcomed in to a calm, safe and containing space in which to reflect upon your current difficulties.

Therapeutic Cushions Commissioned Courtesy of Amy Scott Design.

I provide boundaries in my clinical practice in order to support your experience. These include boundaries around attendance, timekeeping and payment. If these issues are clear and addressed at the beginning of treatment then it leaves us both free to focus solely on the therapeutic process and is less likely to lead to fractures in the therapeutic relationship.

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I pride myself on the therapeutic experience my clinic space provides. I believe that the therapeutic experience must be collaborative to ensure the right kind of progress is achieved.

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Assessment may take a few sessions to complete depending on the nature of the referral. This will be discussed with you at the time of referral. Treatment length will also vary depending on your individual needs and formulation. Training and consultancy will vary in frequency and duration depending on requirements.