External Projects

I am involved with a number of exciting and innovative external projects to support people’s wellbeing.

Arian Wellbeing

I am honoured to say that I am now working with Arian Wellbeing and Founder Dr Waheed Arian, author of ‘In The Wars’ and Founder of the remarkable charity Teleheal. He was recently awarded ‘Best Doctor’ award at The Who Cares Wins Awards. Watch this space for exciting updates about the project.


The Emotional Health Toolkit

The Emotional Health Toolkit-An international public resource run by independent psychologists to help emotional wellbeing during the Coronavirus Pandemic.



Sussex Ehlers-Danlos Syndromes and Hypermobility Community Group

I am pleased to announce that I am now officially working alongside the Sussex Ehlers-Danlos & Hypermobility Community Group. I am honoured to be involved with the work of this amazing group, including the provision of psychologically informed training and talks..

More information can be found here: https://www.sussexeds.com

Nido Student

I am pleased to announce that I am now working with Nido Student on an innovative new wellbeing partnership. This partnership includes support, advice and the development of resources and tools to help students to maximise their wellbeing. We want to normalise conversations around mental health and wellbeing and enhance resilience. Find out more about the partnership here:


As part of my work with Nido we have developed Podcast called the Nido Pocket Podcast – which contains mini bitesize wellbeing episodes. This can be found on Spotify below:


Personality Disorder

I have longstanding clinical interest in both the assessment and treatment of Personality Disorder. This interest stems to those with a learning disability and how personality disorder is assessed and supported clinically in community settings. I worked for many years with this client group and also focused on working with those people supporting this client group to underhand personality disorder and supporting someone with this diagnosis. This included the development of training packages. I was honoured to be recognised for this work by Dr Max Pickard, Consultant Psychiatrist who along with a team of colleagues has published the first ever training manual for this client group.

Clinical Psychologist Collective

I was honoured to write a chapter for Dr Marianne Trent in her new book The Clinical Psychologist Collective. A book to support people in choosing their applied Psychology career.